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We are an Android app development Agency that can guarantee high-end scalability and expertise in everything that is related to the development of Android app. We are Android app Development Company that can guarantee high-end scalability and expertise in everything that is related to the development of Android app.

What we offer

Android App Development Services Offered By Us

Let’s build the most effective Android app using the Mobile App Development Company


Custom Android App Development

Hire our Android app developer to create a variety of custom Android app for a range of industries in the shortest time possible.


Enterprise Android App Solution

Our App developer provide the best Solutions for enterprise mobility that will meet the needs of the client and make an effective impact.


Android UI/UX Design

Employ Android UX/UI developers from Devstree who have decades of experience and knowledge to provide a unique mobile app style.

migration (2)

Android Migration & Upgradation Services

Have an iPhone mobile app and would like to get the Android one? But don't worry, our staff comprised of Android app developers has the expertise for this too.

Spryker Consulting Services

Android App Consulting Services

If you choose us to be you build your Android app development company we'll be there for you from beginning to end. Feel free to share your idea with us.


Android App Support & Maintenance Services

Our technical Assistance Department which Assists you with all your questions and concerns by providing the best solution and provide a smooth experience.

About us

Professional Excellence and Next-Gen Android Development

Our Android app developer team achieves the goal with spectacular ideas storming on your needs, where to start, where to go, and how to get you there. Our Android app development Services are all about enticing, gaining visibility, and maintaining users on a broad platform of 2 million people.

Build your Android app with an expert-level Mobile app Development Agency

Hiring Models

Devstree Offers Flexible Hiring Models to Hire Android app Development Team or Resource.

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis
per hours

Weekly Basis

Weekly Basis
per week

Monthly Basis

Monthly Basis
per month

Characteristics and Advantages of Android App Development Services!

Rapid Deployment

Android app have a shorter development cycle, lasting only a few hours. One of the key advantages of Android app development services is that they may significantly cut your business marketing time.

Quick approvals

Android app do not have to go through a strict approval process before being released into the market. As a result, it takes less time from the concept to the actual product to enter the market for others.


Android provides greater customisation choices based on the needs of your organisation as well as industry trends. Developers can quickly modify old app to make them more modern in terms of features and functionality.

Multi-Network Delivery

Android app are released through a variety of third-party markets in addition to Google Play, the official app shop. This allows you to reach a broader audience and boost your market penetration.

Compatible With Hardware

Android app run on a variety of devices from various manufacturers with varying hardware specs. This ensures that they provide excellent performance to users regardless of the device they use.

Scalable and adaptable

App created with the Android OS become versatile and flexible. It is compatible with Android devices such as tablets, Android TV, phones, and wearables, as well as technologies like AR, VR, and IoT.

Why Choose Us

Devstree is a UK-based Android app development business that is rapid, nimble, and proactive. We have created and assisted several start-ups in developing the greatest mobile apps:

  • We are determined by the success of our customers and are not constrained to focusing solely on our performance as a service provider.
  • We provide experienced design thinking and translate it into applications using the most up-to-date technique.
  • During frequent customer talks, we prioritise items by keeping consumer wants, market timings, and break-pop creations in mind.
  • Less suffering! Our crew holds your hand and delivers excellent products, just like any Android app development company in the United Kingdom.
  • We are platform application professionals with high-level industry accreditation.

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    What clients are saying

    We are customer-centric company and Client satisfaction is our main goal. we can present that we keep our service promises is that real customers are willing to share experience with others. please contact us. We are here to help you!

    ” Devstree IT Soutions always deliver us a satisfying result as our requirement within affordable budget. From website design to accomplish whole projects, I will definitely recommend this company!

    Tatiana K.
    “ Devstree IT Services is an invaluable part of our software development team. & always goes the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied and happy with the results. & has come to understand"

    Rupert S.
    CEO Founder

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Android app development is the process of creating applications for Android operating system.

    Android developed by Google is a plethora of operating system that is incredibly versatile. It is generally utilized to run as a smartphone OS for specific smartphones, tablets as well as other devices with touchscreens. However, certain immobile devices like smart TVs also run Android applications.

    Devstree IT Services is more than an Android mobile app development Company. We guarantee that our apps will run on all kinds of devices.

    Android app development costs usually can range from £20,000-£80,000 dependent on various aspects like the the app’s features, its team size, technology set as well as the place of the agency and more.

    Contact us via us through this website. Fill out the form with your basic details. Don’t forget to select “Mobile App Development” in the “I’m interested in” field and include apps development that are compatible with Android on the “Project Description” field. It is also possible to call the office of one of us. After the initial conversation we will then proceed to determine the most appropriate method to recruit Android app developers to work with you.

    Yes. Devstree can help you submit your app to the app stores. It also offers app optimization to help that your app is found by users easily.

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