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You may streamline your interactions with individuals all over the world with the aid of Devstree's cutting-edge social media app development services. Our app developers are committed to developing social networking apps for your company.
Social Media App Development Services

We are a social media app development company that works to increase consumer engagement with our social media app services. We create unique social media platforms with a wide range of various solutions.

Custom Social Networking

Our custom social networking services will provide you with better ways to connect with the outside world and grow your business rapidly by applying customized social networking web and mobile applications.

Analytics for Social Networks

To help you have information about your social campaigns that are gathering materials and data from various social media apps and websites, our social media site developers provide analytics tools.

Messaging App

We offer businesses exciting features for their instant messaging apps, including calling, sharing of emojis and GIFs, simple messaging, and more. Our solutions boost their use of social networking apps.

Video/Image Sharing

We provide image- and video-sharing social media platforms with all its features in an effort to capture your interest. Our business offers various cutting-edge features and excellent application design

Social E-commerce Online

In order to give consumers a convenient location to make cheaper purchases, we provide social e-commerce app development services. With excellent design, our app solutions elevate it to the next level.

Social Media Publishing Sites

In order for you to upload content on microblogging and blogging websites, our social media app developers will create apps for those platforms. Additionally, users can create new acquaintances and talk with them.

Our Social Media App Development Process


Why Choose Us?

With skills in Swift and Objective-C, our qualified iPhone app developers create eye-catching iPhone apps for mobile, tablet, wearables, and more. They understand what needs to be done to increase user engagement and produce a richer user experience, both of which are necessary for any mobile app to be successful. With a warranty that is guaranteed and ongoing flexible maintenance contracts, the needs of users and upcoming app updates are given priority to make your custom app a smashing success.

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    The Key Features

    Social Media App Development

    Simple UI/UX

    The UI/UX of an app defines how consumers will interact with it. The continued use of app users is made easier by a simple and straightforward user interface.

    Clear and Consistent Design

    An effective social media app should have a uniform, usable, and seamless design with carefully selected fonts and colour schemes to encourage an appealing and enjoyable User Experience.

    In-App Notifications

    Receive notifications or alerts if you are tagged, mentioned, sent something, or there is any other action on your account. For each activity, you will get notifications.

    Network component

    It's important to see that your application enables users to follow and add each other to their networks. This is one of the most important social media characteristics.

    Individualized Privacy Settings

    Your app should give users the option to control who can view their profiles, and whether or not they want to be tracked for marketing purposes when they shop online or browse other websites.

    Video calling and in-app messaging

    We take care to include calling and messaging features such as push alerts, one-to-one and group chats, group video calling, language translation, presence indicators, delivery receipts, and more.

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