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Devstree – One of the top flutter app development companies in the UK!!

We are locked and loaded with the ability to imagine the most unusual concepts using Flutter’s real-time capabilities to be tweaked and transformed into an asset.

What we offer

Flutter App Development Services Offered By Us

Let’s build the most effective Flutter Apps using the Mobile Application Development Agency We have.


Flutter App Development & Customization

We offer Flutter application development solutions to assist you in creating gorgeous and extremely efficient mobile, web and desktop apps that have native performance and an expressive and flexible user interface in a shorter amount of time.

API Development & Integrations

Flutter API Development & Integration Services

Our Flutter development end-to-end solutions include third-party integration features like the payment option, GPS and others into your application. We offer API integrations to include advanced features in your applications.

Cross-platform App Development

Flutter Cross-platform Development

We'll assist you to make your mobile strategy more effectively by creating top-quality mobile apps that cross-platform, both for iOS along with the Android Platform.


Flutter App QA & Testing

We're willing to assist our clients in the final testing, UAT, and training and the final implementation from the code source and then launching on the platform of the client.


Flutter App UI/UX Design

Our Flutter UI/UX Designers are creative and make visually appealing and simple to use applications that have a flexible user interface.


Flutter App Support and Maintenance

Our team can assist you in tackling issues that are of any complexity with workarounds and Bug-fixes to security audits and improvements to your application.

About us

Professional Excellence and Next-Gen Flutter App Development

We’re on a quest to unlock the full potential of this emerging technology and provide experiences that stand out. We at devstree, have captured the peaks of Flutter to propel your app to the appropriate mix of market and commercial needs. Your application will benefit from industry best practices and turnkey execution when supported by skilled Flutter developers.

Build your Flutter app with an expert-level Mobile app Development Agency

Hiring Models

Devstree Offers Flexible Hiring Models to Flutter App Developers Team or Resource.

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis
per hours

Weekly Basis

Weekly Basis
per week

Monthly Basis

Monthly Basis
per month

Major Features & Benefits of Flutter Development Services!

Agile and simple development

When constructing the software, it is significantly simpler to add interactive parts by offering a widget framework for development. As a result, the final output in the Android and iOS versions can be more agile and of high quality.

A single-development language

Flutter fully depends on the Dart programming language to create its programmes. It significantly simplifies the work of developers, who simply need to know Dart to do their tasks. Adapting to Dart is not a difficult undertaking for developers who are familiar with the aforementioned languages.

Simplified initial setup

Flutter installation is straightforward and practical. Simply install the development IDE — which is available for all operating systems — and start building your project from the beginning. There are no complex dependencies or configurations required to see the first codes work.

Application performance

Because it uses its own components, the load and execution time of the programmes are not a concern for the user. In other words, Flutter enables your published apps to be of nearly native quality.

Aesthetic and functional harmony

When utilising an app produced with Flutter, the same version is transmitted to any mobile device, Android or iOS, regardless of whether the operating system is on the latest version or not. This is not the case with native programmes, where we might perceive differences in elements.

Google Assistance

Flutter is the ideal tool for businesses that want to be more efficient and cost-effective when developing apps. Because it is in Google's best interests to keep a mobile community developing and expanding software solutions, it is only logical for them to provide the finest resources to do so.

Why Choose Us

We have established a very dynamic Flutter app Development Company in the UK and have years of experience in developing aesthetically pleasing and skill-rich applications for a variety of sectors.


  • We provide free technical consultation for workability issues.
  • We offer a variety of fantastic UI and UX tools for creating Flutter widgets, mobile apps, and business apps.
  • We specialise in constructing Flutter frames and providing cross-platform app development services.
  • We also pioneered Flutter Application porting services with third-party app integration.
  • In terms of supporting and maintaining quality, we provide 100% client satisfaction.

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    What clients are saying

    We are customer-centric company and Client satisfaction is our main goal. we can present that we keep our service promises is that real customers are willing to share experience with others. please contact us. We are here to help you!

    ” Devstree IT Soutions always deliver us a satisfying result as our requirement within affordable budget. From website design to accomplish whole projects, I will definitely recommend this company!

    Tatiana K.
    “ Devstree IT Services is an invaluable part of our software development team. & always goes the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied and happy with the results. & has come to understand"

    Rupert S.
    CEO Founder

    Ask Questions

    Flutter, which is based on Dart, a programming language Dart, is an open source application development framework that runs across platforms that was developed and launched by Google. You can create Android and iOS apps using a single code base, using Flutter’s framework to create native, high-performance applications.

    Flutter speed up the process of developing mobile apps which reduces development costs and creating an amazing application UI that has high performance with smooth and fluid animations. One of the biggest advantages is that it has lower maintenance costs since the amount of resources required to implement changes or fixes is half the amount of native development.

    Flutter lets you create applications that run on Android, iOS & many other platforms. As a developer, you can develop apps for different platforms, Flutter is suited for a variety of industries, including food delivery, travel eCommerce, ERP applications, booking, video/audio streaming and many more.

    Flutter lets our developers make use of a single code to create both Android and iOS mobile applications. Both apps offer native experience to users. Thus, you can receive two mobile apps for the expense of creating one.

    Because you’re using a single codebase, you don’t need to try two different apps. You can save time with project management because you can predict that if the functionality is working in an Android application that it will also work on iOS too. But that’s not the situation for React Native. React Native.

    With Flutter, you’ll save time and money on development as well as testing and management which reduces the expense of developing mobile apps with Flutter.

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