Startups and businesses often have the question of whether they should launch their app for Android and iOS first. What about the fact that it is possible to create an application for both platforms by using one code? This is an option offered by cross-platform technologies like Flutter. We’ll help discover more about its incredible capabilities!

What exactly is Flutter?

It’s an Software Development Kit (SDK) developed by Google and made available as an open source project. Flutter was built on Google’s own programming language Dart that at the time was developed for applications that placed particular emphasis on the quality of design and customer service.

It allows developers to create cross-platform mobile, web, and desktop apps from an identical code base for Android along with iOS, Windows, and Linux. From a commercial point of perspective, this is extremely beneficial, as it only requires one code, which is less time and requires just one group of experts and the whole process is cheaper.

It is important to note that Google has done a superb job using Flutter in that it does not just openly announce the changes it plans to make, but also works to implement them in accordance with the opinions that is being voiced by Flutter’s Flutter community. In addition, many of the Google-owned companies have already moved the platforms they use to Flutter, which shows the confidence Google is placing in the Flutter tool. These include brands such as Google Pay, Google Ads, Blogger, Google Analytics, Cloud Search, and NestHub.

Examples of the Applications that were developed using Flutter

Google Ads

Google AdWords is an excellent illustration of the application of Flutter technology since it was developed exclusively using it. It’s a platform that can be used to improve its effectiveness in marketing techniques and allows the advertising of other products, and improves the exposure of websites. By using Google Ads, users can effortlessly monitor their advertising and marketing practices.


It is among the biggest eCommerce companies worldwide Its platform was built by Flutter. A large number of people utilize it daily. With Flutter’s advanced technology, users can experience an effortless transaction process and a clean UX/UI. Flutter was created by a team of programmers from Xianyu which has been downloaded over fifty million times. Alibaba offered an app that was pre-built that was based on Flutter was to implement its functions in a sequential manner by adding each feature. Selecting Flutter helped the team cut down on time, which definitely resulted in a positive return. At present, Alibaba has more than 10 million


The Cryptograph application allows users to be informed of changes in the rates of cryptocurrency. This lets users track changes in price and then analyze the effects of these fluctuations. Cryptograph is an application developed using Flutter which makes getting the most up-to-date exchange rate information for all cryptocurrency a breeze.


Groupon offers an on-line marketplace that allows users to make a variety of kinds of purchases in local and travel-related services. The company decided to integrate Flutter into its current solution to avoid having to write an entirely new application. This is due to Groupon already used two kinds of apps (customer-facing as well as merchant-facing) both of which had many downloads. Therefore, the use of off-the-shelf apps was a sensible choice in this instance.

Why is Flutter the top cross-platform Framework?

But, the growing popularity of Flutter is due to numerous other factors that make it a highly valued tool with a lot of potentials. These are the most frequently stated benefits:

Hot Reload is a Hot Reload function allows making immediate modifications in the program. This is due to the fact that it’s possible to see all modifications made to the application while they are being created. This results in a significant decrease in time for production, as it doesn’t need restarting the application following making any changes to the code in order to verify the effects.

  • Flutter lets you create dynamic user interfaces with layers, and widgets along with the interactive resource. Two sets of widgets are accessible to developers: Material Design, which adheres to Google’s design guidelines, and Cupertino is Apple’s rules for its iOS user interface for devices.
  • Since Flutter is an open-source tool and its community is extremely advanced, offering great assistance during the process of developing a product as well as, on top of that, it’s backed by Google.
  • Flutter is simple and has clear documentation.
  • It is highly compatible with a variety of operating systems.

What are the Benefits of making use of Flutter?

Utilizing Flutter to create applications has numerous benefits to entrepreneurs and Flutter app developers. The most important benefits to mention are:

One code Base.

This is among the major advantages of Flutter. This solution means that you only have to create one code that can be used anyplace. You can stop creating long code for each platform individually and switch scripts and components seamlessly across iOS, Android, or Windows

Performance is close to Native

One of the main benefits to Flutter is its speed. Applications developed in Flutter can be converted to local code that significantly improves their speed. Furthermore, Flutter’s graphics engine aims to operate at sixty frames per second and, if the device supports the device to allow it, Flutter can maintain up to 120 frames per second. There are tools available to developers’ disposal that can identify any performance issues.

Rapid delivery time.

The development of a single application is much quicker than developing two distinct native applications that are devoted to just an operating system.

Lower costs for implementation

The process of creating and implementing separate mobile applications that are compatible with Android and iOS generally comes at the expense of. It is essential to establish two teams for development in both environments. Flutter, as a cross-platform platform technology, dramatically reduces the price that is comparable to the creation of a Progressive Web App (PWA).

User growth

Multi-platform applications are available simultaneously across every distribution channel and allows you to reach the maximum number of users.

A Few disadvantages to using Flutter

There are numerous advantages for Flutter, there are also some drawbacks to Flutter however, just like every other technology it has its own drawbacks which you need to know about.

One of the major drawbacks of Flutter is the high level of entry. The process of learning Flutter requires an understanding of native development. This is required to allow it to create a cross-platform app. This is a feature that could create difficulties for newbies to incorporate in Flutter particularly since the Dart language is comparatively less well-known than JavaScript for instance. Flutter has also the disadvantage of being able to integrate with native APIs that require the writing of native code.

How Flutter Reduces Development Costs?

In general, there’s the need for around three experts (each making use of a different technology) to create products for various platforms. When working with Flutter it’s possible to reduce costs for a single developer since you can launch your product on several platforms using one code base. A single base code significantly reduces the costs of managing projects (by 20 to 25 percent) and the costs of development can reduce by as much as 50% because of Flutter. In the end, Flutter can provide huge savings to your budget So, both small and startups enterprises should look into the option.

Development through Flutter

Anyone who keeps track of Flutter’s updates can see that it is growing with a greater degree of excitement. The selection of Flutter by the majors of the market isn’t an accident – Flutter is a great choice and is a great choice. Its performance is high and its ability to build cross-platform apps using a single program make it a tool that can help companies by reducing time and money. If you’re looking to find out whether Flutter can meet your needs with us at Devstree- Mobile app Development Company we can look at your requirements for an application and figure out if Flutter is the best solution for your needs. We recently published a guide for startups that will aid them in developing applications using Flutter. One thing’s for certain Flutter is a worthy option due to its wide and diverse applications are getting more attractive with each new update!

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