Are you looking for the Best Game Development Agency in UK for your next project? will make this process effortless with our research list of the Top Mobile Game Development Companies in Greater London, Surrey, London. In Devstree IT Services, our real-time research and review process involves experts with specialties within Mobile Game Development services so that users can connect with the most suitable gaming service supplier within the UK to have their work completed with the highest level of precision. Game development is nothing more than just programming or programming. It’s the art or imagination of creating something that is uniquely amazing for someone by combining a good idea, story, sounds programming, improvement delivery, and somewhere in the middle. It’s not as simple to make as it seems. With the appropriate Game Development Company, you can create your ideal game.

Here’s a complete list of TOP 10 Game Development Agencies in the UK, London:

1) Devstree IT Services– Best Game Development Company in UK

Devstree IT Services Offers Top Mobile App Development, Game Development, Web Design & Development, AR/VR Application Development as well as Unity 3D Game Development Services in UK, India, USA & Europe. We are also offering Customized Software and Game Development Services with full-cycle development and designed according to your business requirements. The Company has extensive expertise in Web and Mobile app development for iPhone, iPad, as well as Android app development.

Company Size: 50-250

Established: 2013

2) Crystal Infoway

Crystal Infoway is among the most renowned game development firms across UK, USA & India. The company employs highly skilled game developers who provide the best solution to your problem. The company has worked with small size businesses up to huge size companies. They have completed numerous important games. In addition to game development, their team is adept in the field of digital marketing, Web design, and mobile application development.

Company Size: 25-50

Established: 2014


Kevuru Games is one of the fastest-growing IT companies that provides various solutions for Mobile game development, app development firm as well as Web Development in UK with over 11 years of expertise. They utilize the most advanced technology to transform game applications into real-world applications. They employ a team of committed professionals who are extremely involved in development.

Company Size: 51-100

Established: 2011

4) Cubix

Cubix is a multi-faceted game development company with offices on the UK, USA, and Dubai that is committed to delivering results and high-impact applications. From the beginning of a business to the large-scale enterprise. They have a staff of 200plus developers who are skilled and competent. They also serve nearly all sectors.

Company Size: 200-300

Established: 2008

5) Rantmedia

Rantmedia is a prestigious company for design and development with its headquarters in the UK and has been providing service since. They have developed over 3000+ apps to date. They provide game development, mobile app development Design for products and Web Design and UX/UI design to large and small-sized enterprises. The most notable clients they have are BBC London, Thales, NHS, Admiral Insurance, and many others.

Company Size: 11-50

Established: 2003

6) Milo Creative

Milo creative is a trending business located in the UK founded in 2002. The company principally focuses on mobile application creation, gaming development Web development, and game development. In Milo Creative, they deliver the highest quality business transformation to their customers.

Company Size: 50-100

Established: 2002.

7) Corporation Pop

In Manchester, UK, Corporation Pop has been operating for more than 10 years. They utilize the most advanced technology to bring the most exciting game possible. They have already completed more than 50 game applications. The main clients they serve are NHS, The cream group, Live nations, BBC and many more.

Company Size: 11-50

Established: 2007

8) Chimpare

Chimpare is an online app development company that is a global service and developer service provider that has offices in the UK, USA, and Canada. Chimpare established the company in 2012. Their offerings include mobile application development, design and UI/UX Web development, E-commerce development, and many other. They are mostly serving all sectors such as health, supply chain real estate, retail and other industries.

Company Size: 51-100

Established: 2007

9) Redlux

Redlux is a small company established in 2009 and located in the UK Since then, they have finished huge projects in solar energy, BMW along with many other projects. They offer all services from web-based to mobile from branding to digital.

Company Size: 11-50

Established: 2019

10) Silverchip

In 2010, the company was founded. Silverchip is located in Manchester, United Kingdom. Their skilled developers offer game development as well as customized programming advancement services for mid-market, large business, and private agencies. The company is comprised of a group of highly skilled developers who can decode the concept behind the app’s development.

Company Size: 11-50.

Established: 2010.

Final Words

With these carefully selected top 10 gaming firms in the UK There is the most extensive selection of outstanding game development across various platforms. The top gaming firms in the UK are staffed by skilled developers on the backend, working to provide the most immersive gaming experience for your customers. If you’re still uncertain about picking a gaming business look into Devstree, a Game development Company. Its strength is its versatility and over the years the company has established teams of experts to handle any game.

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